Pop the Cork and Celebrate her!!!!!

Pop the Cork and Celebrate her!!!!!


Rock The Vote!

Well today is Tuesday, November 6th and that means it is time to vote.  To all of our cinderellis and fellas please exercise your right to vote.

A little history:

In 1920, the Nineteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution was passed, which provided: “The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex.”

A little food for thought:

Men were only allowed to vote because it was common belief (at the time) that women could not and are not as smart as men.   It was thought that she wasn’t smart enough to make an educated decision, and is overall too “stupid” to vote.

Happy Voting!

Aspire to be……..Politically Savvy!!

The Wedge Sneaker….hmmmmmm

Today the thought is focused on the wedge sneaker. I have seen this shoe trend on both men and women and I can honestly say that I am not sure how I really feel about it. While I love, love, love wedges and have been known to rock an occasional sneaker, the combination and look of it is throwing me for a loop. I am sort of relating this shoe to a mullet; business in the front and party in the back.

I know this shoe is strictly for fashion because I can’t imagine someone actually working out, playing a sport, or better yet partying in this shoe. However, Prince plays basketball in his boots so you never know.

Paint the Town Pink……

ImageIn honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, paint the town pink by wearing any shade of pink!

I had my first mammogram last week and I must say that it was an experience. I was so nervous and sweating profusely that the assistant asked if I would be alright. She went on to say that it is not that bad, just a bit uncomfortable.

Tracie Albertie, I hear the nurse say and my heart is beating a mile a minute and the sweat is still popping. The nurse guides me into the room and proceeds to tell me what will happen during this exam. I really did not hear anything as I stood there in my not so fashionable gown looking at the machine that will soon squish my boobs flat as pancakes. The nurse proceeds to place my breast onto the machine and then it is off to the races.  Needless to say, I had the nurse laughing as I was being compressed by stating, “a man had to have created this machine!”  I made it through my first mammogram and it was all worth the self induced drama.

Just a little mammo education;

After some research, indeed the machine was said to be created by two men, Dr. Andre Willemin and Dr Charles Gros in 1965.  Albert Salomon is considered to be the inventor of breast radiology.

I know there has to be a better way, but until then ladies be sure to schedule your mammograms annually.

Aspire to Be Pretty & Positive in Pink!!



The Block

Well Elli’s and Fella’s . . . The Block is BACK!!!! I’m not really sure how I feel about her, but I’m willing to give it a shot . . . be on the lookout for a pic of me. . . .Rockin’ COSIMO BY Jessica Simpson!!!

If you have a great shoe story or picture that you’d like to share. . . Please email: and maybe you and your pretty toes will be featured for the world to see . . . Kisses 2 U!!!


TIMBER!!!! The importance of Shoe Grips

Every year, I trip or slip and fall…2012 is no different. Yep, Cinderelli bit it in Oakland… and in front of traffic!!!! Sad? Yes… Funny? I bet? HURT? Yes!!!!! They felt so bad for me at the nail shop!!! They cleaned my bloody knee, gave a Hello Kitty band aid and a soda! No Charge!!!! Shout out to Sara at Envy Nails in Oakland, Ca . . .You ladies are awesome!!!!

Diva Lesson of the Day: Always use Non Skid Shoe Pads!!!